Encoding data as JSON

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If you need to create a JSONObject and put data in it, consider the following example:

// Create a new javax.json.JSONObject instance.
JSONObject first = new JSONObject();

first.put("foo", "bar");
first.put("temperature", 21.5);
first.put("year", 2016);

// Add a second object.
JSONObject second = new JSONObject();
second.put("Hello", "world");
first.put("message", second);

// Create a new JSONArray with some values
JSONArray someMonths = new JSONArray(new String[] { "January", "February" });
// Add another month as the fifth element, leaving the 4th element unset.
someMonths.put(4, "May");

// Add the array to our object
object.put("months", someMonths);

// Encode
String json = object.toString();

// An exercise for the reader: Add pretty-printing!
/* {

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