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LocalTime is an immutable class and thread-safe, used to represent time, often viewed as hour-min-sec. Time is represented to nanosecond precision. For example, the value “13:45.30.123456789” can be stored in a LocalTime.

This class does not store or represent a date or time-zone. Instead, it is a description of the local time as seen on a wall clock. It cannot represent an instant on the time-line without additional information such as an offset or time-zone. This is a value based class, equals method should be used for comparisons.


MAX - The maximum supported LocalTime, ‘23:59:59.999999999’. MIDNIGHT, MIN, NOON

Important Static Methods

now(), now(Clock clock), now(ZoneId zone), parse(CharSequence text)

Important Instance Methods

isAfter(LocalTime other), isBefore(LocalTime other), minus(TemporalAmount amountToSubtract), minus(long amountToSubtract, TemporalUnit unit), plus(TemporalAmount amountToAdd), plus(long amountToAdd, TemporalUnit unit)

ZoneId zone = ZoneId.of("Asia/Kolkata");
LocalTime now =;
LocalTime now1 =;
LocalTime then = LocalTime.parse("04:16:40");

Difference in time can be calculated in any of following ways

long timeDiff = Duration.between(now, now1).toMinutes();
long timeDiff1 = java.time.temporal.ChronoUnit.MINUTES.between(now2, now1);

You can also add/subtract hours, minutes or seconds from any object of LocalTime.

minusHours(long hoursToSubtract), minusMinutes(long hoursToMinutes), minusNanos(long nanosToSubtract), minusSeconds(long secondsToSubtract), plusHours(long hoursToSubtract), plusMinutes(long hoursToMinutes), plusNanos(long nanosToSubtract), plusSeconds(long secondsToSubtract)


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