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This module provides the ConfigParser class which implements a basic configuration language in INI files. You can use this to write Python programs which can be customized by end users easily.



All return values from ConfigParser.ConfigParser().get are strings. It can be converted to more common types thanks to eval

Creating configuration file programmatically

Configuration file contains sections, each section contains keys and values. configparser module can be used to read and write config files. Creating the configuration file:-

import configparser
config = configparser.ConfigParser()
with open('example.ini', 'w') as configfile:

The output file contains below structure

resolution = 320x240
color = blue

If you want to change particular field ,get the field and assign the value


Basic usage

In config.ini:

debug = True
name = Test
password = password

path = /path/to/file

In Python:

from ConfigParser import ConfigParser
config = ConfigParser()

#Load configuration file"config.ini")

# Access the key "debug" in "DEFAULT" section
config.get("DEFAULT", "debug")
# Return 'True'

# Access the key "path" in "FILES" destion
config.get("FILES", "path")
# Return '/path/to/file'

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