Get value by key

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To get a value from the map, you just have to do something like:00

value := mapName[ key ]

If the map contains the key, it returns the corresponding value. If not, it returns zero-value of the map’s value type (0 if map of int values, "" if map of string values…)

m  := map[string]string{"foo": "foo_value", "bar": ""}
k  := m["foo"]  // returns "foo_value" since that is the value stored in the map
k2 := m["bar"]  // returns "" since that is the value stored in the map
k3 := m["nop"]  // returns "" since the key does not exist, and "" is the string type's zero value

To differentiate between empty values and non-existent keys, you can use the second returned value of the map access (for example value, hasKey := map["key"]).

This second value is boolean typed, and will be:

Look at the following example:

value, hasKey = m[ key ]
if hasKey {
    // the map contains the given key, so we can safely use the value
    // If value is zero-value, it's because the zero-value was pushed to the map
} else {
    // The map does not have the given key
    // the value will be the zero-value of the map's type

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